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Understanding the Secondary Markets

Essentially the Secondary market is akin to the global stock markets with one significant difference – The companies are not publicly traded on an exchange. Usually, they are companies that are in late-stage VC backed cycles and are either looking to list within a short timeframe or are still in development stage.

Our Purpose

To offer independent and unbiased investment consulting services designed to ensure that our clients achieve their financial goals.

Core Engagements: Investment Advisory, Financial Planning, Risk Management.

Investment Advisory

We are seeing a substantial amount of new technology firms creating larger stores of value before their initial public offerings. With this comes less risk as they have already carved out their niche or place within their sector and are heading towards profitability.

The sellers of the shares tend to be employees, founders, early-stage VC firms among others who are exciting according to their investment timeframe. Fairview HK has positioned itself to work with these entities to provide alternative investment capabilities to its clients and to bring these sometimes-mythical investment opportunities to everyday retail investors. 

Secondary Markets #2

Given that the majority of these companies have proven track records prior to listing, their ability to raise capital is significantly higher than companies taking the normal route to market. One key factor is that they all fall within growing markets which are conducive to higher rates of return upon exit.

It is our belief that all levels of investors should be able to access these types of financial vehicles should they fulfill the requirements of their wealth management strategy. Given that these types of transactions tend to be invitation only, we are very selective in sourcing and partnering with companies on the secondary markets and every recommendation made has been fully vetted by our in-house analysts.

Your Goals are
Our Objective

Fairview HK initiates the investment process by assessing and understanding each client’s needs, circumstances, priorities and goals. Our due diligence and industry leading research are followed by applying clear financial objectives to achieve an active portfolio that accumulates, preserves and perpetuates the clients’ assets.

We can help you access the benefits of trading on the secondary markets.

Speak to an advisor today! Regardless of your experience, we have the right solution for you to start investing like the professionals.

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